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Vanessa Tonks


Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop & Jazz Technique 

Vanessa started dancing at the age of 6. Shortly after she moved to Peggy Peat School of Dance in 2010, where she soon realized what dance could lead to as Career. She trained in hip hop, jazz, tap, lyrical, ballet, pointe, stage, and contemporary as well as pursuing solos multiple years in a row. While training at Peggy Peat School of dance, Vanessa participated in ballet exam’s and multiple competitions for 10 years in a row. In 2015, Peggy Peat School of Dance decided to take their routines to Vegas to compete in competitions, as well as planning a group trip on a cruise line putting together an entertaining show in 2013. During her years at Peggy Peat School of Dance she became inspired to become a role model and teacher. She started assisting alongside her mentors for 5 years before starting her own teaching career. After realizing she wanted to make a career in the dance world, she got the privilege to be in Harbour Dance Centres Intensive Training Program (ITP)  working up to 25 hours a week with Vancouver Circus School, taking singing, acting and dance classes. While training in the ITP, Vanessa got the opportunity to perform live as Warren Flandez’s background dancer at the sound wave concert as well as doing live performances at Vancouver's SFU campus and putting together local entertaining shows.


While dancing at Peggy Peat School of Dance, the teachers reached out and provided performing opportunities through Patrick Roberge Productions (PRP). Vanessa first started working for PRP in 2010 performing live in the olympic parade, which then led to many wonderful opportunities including: the Grey Cup parade in 2010, MDRT Opening Ceremony in 2016, Women’s World Softball Championship in 2016, New Years Eve Performance in Vancouver 2018, Pola Cosmetics in 2019, Canada Parade in 2020 as well as spending every summer and/or winter working for and performing in multiple parades and performances at the PNE from 2015-2023. 


Vanessa has taken an interest to improve the health of dancers and to teach them the value of taking care of their bodies. During 2020, she got certified in Sugarfoot therapy and PBT (progressing ballet technique.) Vanessa has been incorporating sugar foot therapy exercises into her jazz technique classes to help reduce injury risk and enhance performance. Vanessa's goal is to educate dancers on their bodies and help create strong dancers so they can be the best they can be with little to no injuries!


Vanessa has spent the last seven years teaching six days a week, four of which were also spent working in office. Vanessa has been a part of PPSD since 2010 and is a very proud PPSD Alumni. As director, she is excited to watch the dancers continue their dance journey with all the amazing staff, here at PPSD. Vanessa is eager to continue all the traditions she once participated in as a student, for more generations to come.

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