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Keri-Lyn Battrick

R.A.D. Ballet Instructor

RAD R.T.S, PBT Certified

Born and raised in the Lower Mainland, Keri-Lyn began her classical dance training at the age of 6. She trained in many dance disciplines, but quickly realized that ballet was her favorite. 

Under the direction and guidance of some very influential teachers, and prominent examiners within the dance community, she began her journey as a ballet dancer studying primarily the syllabus and methods of the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) It was during this time that Keri-Lyn became inspired to explore teaching, and began to energetically, and enthusiastically pursue her dream.

 Upon completing her Royal Academy of Dance Examinations (including Advanced 1 as well as the Higher Grade Syllabus grades 6,7 and 8 with Honors) she was accepted onto the R.A.D's 3 year Teacher Training Program.  

In 2004 Keri-Lyn was awarded her R.A.D. Teaching Certificate and has since been successfully entering students into both Graded and Vocational examinations throughout the Lower Mainland. 

Keri-Lyn furthered her studies and training through the Royal Academy of Dance at the diploma level in the areas of Anatomy of the Dancer, Psychology, History of Classical Ballet, and  Music Theory in Relation to the Teaching of Dance. She's also trained and become certified to teach Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT); a program designed to enhance classical ballet technique.

 As a registered teacher and active member of the R.A.D. Keri-Lyn regularily attends courses and seminars to enhance her teaching abilities and knowledge.

Throughout her teaching career Keri-Lyn has had the pleasure of seeing many of her students go on to become professional dancers in a variety of ballet and performance companies, or become dance teachers themselves. Keri-Lyn looks forward to continually working with students for years to come, and sharing her love and enthusiasm for dance.

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