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Leilani Kine & Vanessa Tonks
PPSD Directors

In 1970, an incredible woman named Peggy Peat opened a small dance studio in the community of Maple Ridge.  Over the years the studio would grow into an integral part of the community. Peggy Peat School of Dance has become a forever home for generations of dancers. The studio has flourished under the direction of Peggy’s daughter, Margaret Derksen, for 49 years. With her daughter Talia Joachim by her side they completed this three generation family run business creating a welcoming, family based atmosphere for all dancers to come and create long lasting memories, while training with high caliber instructors.

February 1st, 2024 Peggy Peat School of Dance was sold and PPSD dancer Alumni’s Leilani Kine and Vanessa Tonks embraced their new roles as Co-Directors.  With over 48 years of combined dance experience, we have joined forces to continue to provide quality dance instruction in Maple Ridge for many more years to come. As two proud Peggy Peat School of Dance alumni, we consider ourselves grateful to be able to call the studio our home. Peggy Peat School of Dance provided us both with the foundation of our dance careers and a

lifelong love for dance.

Here at PPSDance we have over 15 experienced teaching staff and a facility with 4 large, well-equipped studios. We offer classes in jazz, jazz technique, tap, ballet, pointe, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, song and dance, acro, contemporary, and strength and conditioning. We are also an established location for Dance Fit Cardio classes. We have weekly classes for all ages from September to June, with Summer programs also available. 

Whether you’re a dancer in our performance or competitive program we offer a variety of classes to work towards your goals. Please read about our programs and contact us for class placement.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Leilani Kine & Vanessa Tonks


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