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Michelle Langenhaun

Pre-School, Pre-Dance, Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop 

Michelle Langenhaun has trained in dance for over 25 years in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and New York. She is an extremely qualified teacher of the Al Gilbert Tap and Jazz technique, having completed the highest levels of this graded system. She has been teaching for 30 years – 26 of them at the Peggy Peat School of Dance.


 Michelle, a dedicated instructor, is our preschool specialist who specializes in teaching 3 to 7-year-olds. Her loving and caring personality is reflected in the success she has with our youngest students. Michelle’s love and passion for dance shows in their little smiling faces in class.


Michelle has performed professionally with the dance troupe “Gypsy” at Expo ’86, and at conventions and shows in Whistler, Victoria, Harrison Hot Springs and Vancouver.


We are very lucky to have Michelle teaching at the PPSDance

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