Dawn Crawford

R.A.D. Ballet Instructor

Dawn has been a teacher and choreographer for over 20 years. Dawn had the privilege of being mentored in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus by the renowned Delores Kirkwood. A registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance for over ten years, Dawn has prepared students to the most exemplary standard in both Graded and Vocational R.A.D. examinations. Dawn is also certified in the Progressing Ballet Technique. She has been serving as a professor for the Trinity Western University Human Kinetics Department; been involved in the continued development of the T.W.U. dance program; and lectured for the Fine Arts Department; for over 15 years. Dawn has been awarded numerous choreography awards though her years of creating pieces for student dancers. Knowledge, education, and artistry are keys to Dawn’s teaching approach.
Dawn graduated with distinction from Trinity Western University with a Bachelor of Science (Biology Major and Psychology Minor). She then pursued postgraduate studies in Ballet, and Modern and Contemporary Dance through Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts; and studied Science and Visual Arts at University of the Fraser Valley. It is her dance training and visual arts experience, paired with biology and psychology degree that creates a uniquely kinetic approach to her teaching. Dawn employs her anatomical and biomechanical knowledge gleaned from her Science degree and her knowledge of the Progressive Ballet Technique to provide sound physiological foundations for her students.
Dawn continues to invest in her knowledge base to benefit her students’ development. In addition to her yearly Continued Professional Development (CPD) program courses through the R.A.D., Dawn studies regularly with physiotherapists on sound anatomical teaching, exploring advanced stretching techniques, safe development of optimal turnout, and other key elements. Most recently, Dawn studied the Italian method of Floor Barre in New York.
Besides performing, Dawn has had many roles in her professional career including those as a multi-media productions director, producer and choreographer. She has worked with aTp Productions and completed choreography and video contracts in Japan (Grape City Productions). Dawn’s passion for creativity and artistry extends to costuming; she designs and sews costumes for her pieces. She received the Best Costuming Award for her creations “I’ve Got a Dream” (Synergy Finals 2017).  Dawn has also had the role of studio manager and director, giving her many insights into the management side of dance studios.
Dawn takes great pride in her investment into each of her students. She has mentored many of her graduate students through their professional careers; guiding and supporting them as dance professionals, teachers, and dance studio owners. She is dedicated to helping her students discover and fulfill their potential through the joy of learning and discovery.

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